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The IAI has been informed of the upcoming events listed below. If you wish to announce any other event, please contact Nanou Leleu-Knobil.
18/10/2019 London | UK - British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) -
Thirty Third ITF Public Conference: Valuation of Damages in International Investment Law

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21/10/2019 Sao Paulo | Brazil - VI Congresso CAM-CCBC de Abitragem
21-22 October 2019
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25/10/2019 Vaduz | Liechtenstein - Dreiländer Konferenz - Schiedsverfahren in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
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06/11/2019 London | UK - British Institute of International and Comparative Law event - Counterclaims in Investor-State Arbitration
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14/11/2019 Brussels | Belgium - CEPANI's 50th Anniversary!
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15/11/2019 Islamabad | Pakistan - Center for International Investment and Commercial Arbitration (CIICA) Young Arbitration Group Inauguration
15-16 November 2019
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18/11/2019 Cas pratique de l'AFA (Training) -
18-19 November 2019
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19/11/2019 Milan | Italy - Joint ISPRAMED/Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration 3rd International Conference on Arbitration in Libya - New mechanisms to support investment in Libya
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21/11/2019 Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam - Vietnam International Arbitration Centre (VIAC) Workshop on Risk Management and International Mediation in the trade war period
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22/11/2019 New York City | USA - 14th Fordham University Annual Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation -
Key Issues in International Commercial and Treaty Arbitration: 2019

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27/11/2019 London | UK - British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) event - Provisional Measures in International Investment Disputes
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29/11/2019 Paris | France - Colloque annuel du Comité Français de l'arbitrage - La preuve dans l'arbitrage
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07/05/2020 Gleneagles, Perthshire | Scotland - LCIA 2020 European Users' Council Symposium
7-9 May 2020
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10/05/2020 Edinburgh | UK - ICCA 2020 Congress
10-13 May 2020
Programme to come

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