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Listed in this section are IAI members' publications during the year 2002. These references also appear as part of the individual profiles in the IAI Directory of Members.
All IAI members are invited to submit references for their new publications (books, articles or case notes only) as they become available.
To appear in this section, please contact Nanou Leleu-Knobil.


"Les questions soulevées hor la loi 'justice du XXIe siècle'. La nouvelle convention d'arbitrage dans le contrat de travail," 2017(1) Cahiers de l'arbitrage / Paris J. Int'l Arb. 59

"Dispute Resolution Proceedings in World Trade Organization and International Commercial Arbitration: A Comparison," Vol.6(1) Indian Journal of Arbitration Law (2017) 174
DOCKA Paulius

"Lithuania," in Global Legal Insights series, International Arbitration, 2017

"Lithuania," ICLG series Aviation Law 2017

"An Arbitral Institution’s Independence in Question," 2017(1) ICC Disp. Res. Bull. 16

"English Court Rulings on the Extent and Limits of the Role of the Secretary of the Arbitral Tribunal, Decision of 9 February 2017 of the Commercial Court of the High Court of Justice (Queen's Bench Division, Case No. CL-2016-61)," Vol.X, No.2 at 599 Rev. Arb. Com. Inv. (2017)(with V. Savine)

"Arbitrage et Partie Faible," 2017 (1) JDI 1 (with C. Jallamion, D. Mainguy, A. Ngwanga, W. Ben Hamida, P. Chavasse, M. de Fontmichel, M. Henry et G. Tattevin)
DUGUE Christophe

"The International Comparative Legal Guide to International Arbitration 2017 – France Chapter,"(Global Legal Group Ltd, London, Jul. 2017)

"France," in Global Legal Insights – International Arbitration (Global Legal Group Ltd, London, 2nd Ed. May 2016 & 3rd Ed. Jun. 2017)
DULAC Elodie

"The 2016 SIAC Rules: New Features," Indian Journal of Arbitration Law, Vol. 5(2) (Jan. 2017) (with A. Lo)

"Chronique des sentences arbitrales dans le secteur hôtelier / Chronicle of Arbitration Awards in the Hospitality Industry," 2018(3) Int'l Bus. L.J. / Rev. dr. aff. int. 301 (with M.C. Da Silva Rosa)

"L'interprétation du contrat et l'arbitrage, à la lumière de la réforme du droit français des obligations," 2017(1) Rev. arb. 115 (with S. Besson)

"Shall national courts assist arbitral tribunals in gathering evidence," in ICCA Congress Series No. 19 (2017)

DUPUY Pierre-Marie

"About the Definition of an International Investment - Requirement of a Contribution to the Economic Development of the Host State," in Jurisdiction in Investment Treaty Arbitration, IAI Series on International Arbitration No. 8 at 37 (Y. Banifatemi ed., Juris Publishing, 2018)

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