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Listed in this section are IAI members' publications during the year 2002. These references also appear as part of the individual profiles in the IAI Directory of Members.
All IAI members are invited to submit references for their new publications (books, articles or case notes only) as they become available.
To appear in this section, please contact Nanou Leleu-Knobil.


"Les parties sont solidairement tenues au paiement des honoraires d'arbitrage, nouvelle règle matérielle du droit de l'arbitrage international," note following Cass. Civ. 1ere Feb. 2017, 2017(2) Rev. Arb. 483

"Costa Rica" in "The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2018" (Global Arbitration Review 2017)

"Are Latin American Institutions Innovating? The Results of a Survey on Transparency, Diversity and the Use of Technology", in 23 ILSA J. Int'l and Comp. Law 2 (2017) 59

"Ejecucion de laudos extranjeros en el context del Nuevo codigo procesal civil de Costa Rica" in "Revista Judicial" 121 (2017)59
JOLIVET Emmanuel

"Aux origines de l'arbitrage commercial contemporain : l'émergence de l'arbitrage CCI (1920-1958)," 2016(2) Rev. arb. 403 (with F. Grisel and E. Silva-Romero)
JONES Douglas Samuel

"Procedural Order No. 1: From Swiss Watch to Arbitrators' Toolkit," in The Powers and Duties of an Arbitrator: Liber Amicorum Pierre A. Karrer 393 (P. Shaughnessy and S. Tung eds., Kluwer, 2017)(with J. Walker)

"Who might have Investment Treaty Claims in Infrastructure Projets," Vol.11(3) Const. L. Int'l (2016)

"Using Costs Orders to Control the Expense of International Commercial Arbitration," 82(3) Int'l J. of Arb. Med. & Disp. Man 291 (2016)

"Looking Forward in International Arbitration," 33(2) Int'l Constr. L. Rev. 148 (2016)

  When submitting references, please provide us with complete references in the following format:    
    Books: title, publisher, year of publication (name of co-author(s))
Articles or case notes:
      - in periodicals: title of the article and periodical's name, volume number, page number, and date of publication (name of co-author(s))
- in books: title of the article, title of the book, page number, publisher's name and year of publication (name of co-author(s))

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