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Click here to enlarge.   Duarte G. HENRIQUES IAI Member   
Rua Fialho de Almeida, n° 32 - 1° Esq.
1070 129 Lisboa
Tel: +351.213.853.899
Tel: +351.917.895.543 (Cell)
Fax: +351.213.878.440

Languages   Portuguese (native); English, Spanish (fluent); French (working knowledge)
Nationality   Portugal
Bar Admission   Lisbon - 1990
Education   Faculty of Law of University of Lisbon (Law Degree - 1988); Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Graduate in Accounting, Financial Analysis and Business Assessment - 1998); Faculty of Law of University of Lisbon (Graduate in International Trade Law - Contracts and International Arbitration - 2004/2005)
as Arbitrator  
Sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in domestic and international ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings
as Counsel  
Domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the Rules of the ICC, Swiss, Vienna, and several other Portuguese arbitration institutions
Relating to  
• Contributor, New York Convention Guide Project (

• "The Prague Rules: Competitor, Alternative or Addition to the IBA Rules on the Taking of evidence in International Arbitration?," 36(2) ASA Bull. 351 (2018)

• "Arbitration in Swaps: the Portuguese experience," 33(4) Arb. Int'l 583 (2017) (with P. Costa e Silva)

• "Third Party Funding: a Protected Investment?," in Spain Arb. Rev., No.30, at 101 (2017)

• "Arbitrability of Disputes in Computer Program Rights under the Portuguese Law: General Overview," 37(1) Rom. Arb. J. 22 (2016)

• "Tax Arbitration in Portugal," Schieds VZ, Nov. 2016, (with Dr. Werner Muller) at 318

• "Arbitral awards modifying arbitral awards? The principle of "equilibrium" of arbitral awards," in 4(2) Eur. Int'l Arb. Rev. (2015)

• "Regras para Nomeação de Árbitros. O exemplo do Centro de Arbitragem Comercial da Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Portuguesa," 46(12) Rev. Arb. Med., 241(2015) (with J.-M. Júdice)

• ""Third Party Funding' o Financiamento de Litígios por Terceiros em Portugal," Vol.3-4 Rev. Ord. Av 2015

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• "Arbitraje de disputas tributarias en Portugal y reflexiones sobre su posible implantación en España," Spain Arb. Rev., No. 23, at 95 (2015) (with A. Sánchez Freire)

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• "I Will Not Go That Way: What The International Public Policy Of The Portuguese State Is Not," in Vol.30(2) MEALEY’S International Arbitration Report, Feb. 2015

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• "Lidando com os BUTs dos BATs no direito português," 11(42) Rev. Arb. Med., 213 (2014)

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• "Fundamentação de laudos arbitrais no direito português : algumas notas," 10(39) Rev. Arb. Med., 155(2013)

• "Asymmetrical arbitration clauses under the Portuguese Law," Young Arb. Rev., No. 11, at 44 (2013)

• "Motivation of arbitral awards: a few notes," Young Arb. Rev., July 2013

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