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Teynier Pic
2 rue Lord Byron
75008 Paris
Tel: +
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Languages   French (native); English (fluent)
Nationality   France
Bar Admission   Paris - 1988
Education   University of Paris X (Maîtrise droit privé - 1978; DEA droit social - 1980)
Lecturer (International Arbitration) - University of Paris X (2003-); Former Lecturer (Contracts, Torts and Commercial Law) - University of Paris X (1980–87)
as Arbitrator  
Chairman or member of the tribunal in international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the Rules of the ICC, CRCICA and OHBLA
as Counsel  
Representation of governments and private parties in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC, ICSID, AAA, OHBLA / OHADA and AFA (mostly investment, construction, competition and contractual matters)
Relating to  
• Co-editor, Chronicle on International Investment and Arbitration in Cahiers de l'arbitrage

• "1re Table Ronde : Le recours des parties aux experts financiers," 2015(2) Rev. Arb. 437 (with A.M. Guillerme & A. Pinna)

• "Can a Party Benefiting from an Award Rendered Against a State Enforce the Award Against an Instumentality of Such State - French Law," in State Entities in International Arbitration, IAI Series on International Arbitration No. 4, at 103 (E. Gaillard and J. Younan eds., Juris Publishing, 2008)

• "Investissements internationaux et arbitrage," Gaz. Pal., December 13/15, 2009 (with C.Leben and I.Fadlallah)

• "L'applicabilité des traités bilatéraux sur les investissements entre états membres de l'union européenne, Cahiers de l'arbitrage, Gaz. Pal., Mar. 28-29, 2008

• "Chronique de jurisprudence française [French case law]," 2007(2) Rev. arb. 284

• "Umbrella clause : le temps se couvre," 2006(3) Les Cahiers de l’Arbitrage 38

• "France," in International Arbitration – A country-by-country look at alternative dispute resolution methods around the globe 199 (2005) (with P. Pic)

• "L’amicus curiae dans l’arbitrage CIRDI [Amicus curiae in ICSID arbitration], 2005(3) Cahiers de l’Arbitrage 19

• "Les anti-suit injunctions," 2004(2) Cahiers de l’Arbitrage Pt. II, at 9

• "Les umbrella clauses," 2004(2) Cahiers de l'Arbitrage Pt. II, at 29

• "Notion d’investisseur [The concept of 'investor']," 2003(2) Cahiers de l'Arbitrage Pt. II, at 3

• "L’irrecevabilité est-elle la sanction appropriée de la violation d’une clause de conciliation obligatoire?," 2002(2) Cahiers de l’Arbitrage Pt. I, at 4 (with A. Mourre)

• "L’indemnisation du préjudice né de l’atteinte à un investissement," 2003(2) Cahiers de l’Arbitrage Pt. II, at 27

• "L’aptitude des Etats et des personnes morales de droit public à être parties à un arbitrage dans l’espace OHADA [Arbitrability of disputes involving States and State-owned entites under OHBLA law]," 2000 Cah. Jur. Fisc. Exp. 1377 (with P. Pic)

Participation as speaker in various conferences and seminars on the subject of international arbitration and ADR

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