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Listed in this section are IAI members' publications during the year 2002. These references also appear as part of the individual profiles in the IAI Directory of Members.
All IAI members are invited to submit references for their new publications (books, articles or case notes only) as they become available.
To appear in this section, please contact Nanou Leleu-Knobil.

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"Principles of interpretation of contracts under English law and their application in international arbitration," 35(1) Arb. Int’l 21 (2019)
KODO Jimmy

Arbitration in Africa under OHADA Rules (Kluwer, 2020)

"L'énigme de la clause prévoyant que "chacune des parties designera un arbitre et que les deux arbitres ainsi désignés nommeront à leur tour le président du tribunal arbitral," in Mélanges en l'honneur de Jean-Jacques Daigre 35 (Joly, Lextenso, 2017)

"Autour de l'obligation de révélation," note following CA Paris, 12 Apr. 2016, 2017(1) Rev. Arb. 234

"L'obligation faite à l'arbitre de révéler les liens existant entre l'une des parties à l'arbitrage et la structure dans laquelle il exerce sa profession d'avocat," in Festschrift Ahmed Sadek El-Kosheri, From the Arab World to the Globalization of International Law and Arbitration 73 (M.Abdel Raouf, P. Leboulanger, N. Ziadé eds., Kluwer, 2016)

"Autorité de la chose jugée et concentration des moyens," 2016(1) Rev. Arb. 107

Provisional Measures in Investment Arbitration (OUP, forthcoming 2017) (with N. Rubins)
LUDWIG Marcos C.

"Brazil: No Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Award Set Aside in the Country where the Award was Issued," 2017 (1) ICC Disp. Res. Bull. 19 (with T. Tomasi)

"Les juridictions brésiliennes optent pour l’impossibilité de reconnaître une sentence arbitrale annulée par les juridictions du siège : Fondements et portée pratique de l’arrêt rendu par le Tribunal Supérieur de Justice brésilien le 2 décembre 2015," 2017(1) Cahiers de l’arbitrage/Paris J. Int’l Arb. 79 (with T. Tomasi)

"Outline of recent changes in law affecting business in Brazil," 50 Rev. jur. Thémis 523 (2017)
MAHMOUD Ahmed Sayed

"The New Qatar Arbitration Law No.(2) of the year 2017 (pros and cons)," in Int'l Rev. of L., The Future of Alternative Dispute Resolution - A Qatari Perspective Conference Proceedings, 2017

"Urgent Protection in Sports Arbitration" in J. of Law and Eco., Cairo University, 2017

"Arbitration in Private Space Disputes" A Paper Published on the website of the International Conference "Contemporary Issues in Air and Space Law" - (Sharjah University/Faculty of Law - UAE, 2017)

Co-editor, Investment Protection in Southeast Asia: A Country-by-Country Guide on Arbitration Laws and Bilateral Investment Treaties, (Martinus Nijhoff, 2017) (with Charis Tan)

Co-author, The ICSID Convention: A Commentary (2d ed., Cambridge University Press, 2009) (with C. Schreuer, A. Reinisch and A. Sinclair)

"International Arbitration and its Contribution to the Rule of Law," paper delivered at the ICCA Congress 2016, (ICCA Congress Series, 2017)

"High Court Upholds Tribunal's Dismissal of Claim on Grounds Not Specifically Advanced by Either Part," 2018(3) ICC Disp. Res. Bull. 31
MARTIN A. Timothy

"Oil and gas Arbitrations in the Middle East and North Africa," in International Arbitration in the Energy Sector (2018)

"A Leading International Dispute Resolution Template," in ADR Perspectives (ADR Institute of Canada)(May 2017)

"Efficiency-what else? Efficiency as the emerging defining value of international arbitration: between systems theories and party autonomy," in The Oxford Handbook of International Arbitration 328 (T. Schultz, F. Ortino eds., OUP, 2020)
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