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  CREDITS was created for the International Arbitration Institute at the initiative of Emmanuel Gaillard , Chairman of the Institute.

The following individuals have contributed to the construction of this site:

Editorial content
Emmanuel Gaillard , Shearman & Sterling
Nanou Leleu-Knobil , Shearman & Sterling

Conception and supervision
Emmanuel Gaillard , Shearman & Sterling
Nanou Leleu-Knobil , Shearman & Sterling
Jean-Marc Elsholz (, Shearman & Sterling
Vincent Knobil (

Vincent Knobil (
Pierre Grosbois, Version Net
Grégoire Huet, Version Net

Moetu Batlle et David Passegand, designers associés

Nanou Leleu-Knobil , Shearman & Sterling
Version Net

Grateful acknowledgment is also made to the following IAI members who participated in the beta-testing of this site:
  Yas Banifatemi

Louise Barrington

  Jean-Georges Betto
  Thomas Clay
Louis Degos
Rosabel Goodman-Everard
Peter R. Griffin
Marc Henry
Stephen R. Jagusch
Dyala Jimenez-Figueres
John Kadelburger
Joachim A. Kuckenburg
Toby Landau
Fernando Mantilla-Serrano
William W. Park
Michael A. Polkinghorne
Jean-Baptiste Racine
John Savage
Albert Jan van den Berg
Robert Volterra

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