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  CREDITS was created for the International Arbitration Institute at the initiative of Emmanuel Gaillard in his capacity as Chairman of the Institute.

The following individuals have contributed to the construction of this site:

Editorial content
Emmanuel Gaillard
Nanou Leleu-Knobil 

Conception and supervision
Emmanuel Gaillard
Nanou Leleu-Knobil 
Jean-Marc Elsholz 
Vincent Knobil (

Vincent Knobil (
Pierre Grosbois, Version Net
Grιgoire Huet, Version Net

Moetu Batlle et David Passegand, designers associιs

Anne Garde 
Version Net

Grateful acknowledgment is also made to the following IAI members who participated in the beta-testing of this site:
•  Yas Banifatemi

Louise Barrington

•  Jean-Georges Betto
•  Thomas Clay
• Louis Degos
• Rosabel Goodman-Everard
• Peter R. Griffin
• Marc Henry
• Stephen R. Jagusch
• Dyala Jimenez-Figueres
• John Kadelburger
• Joachim A. Kuckenburg
• Toby Landau
• Fernando Mantilla-Serrano
• William W. Park
• Michael A. Polkinghorne
• Jean-Baptiste Racine
• John Savage
• Albert Jan van den Berg
• Robert Volterra

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