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The International Arbitration Institute is composed of the following organs: 
The IAI is chaired by Yas Banifatemi.

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board, which is composed of preminent arbitration specialists, coordinates with the Chairman, the Correspondents and the Working Groups to establish a program of seminars, conferences and publications.

Admission Committee
The IAI Admission Committee, chaired by Yves Derains, guarantees both quality and transparency in the selection process of IAI Members. The Committee reviews qualifications of candidates to maintain the high standards of the Institute, in pursuit of a valuable exchange among its members and between the IAI and the international arbitration community.

The 30 Correspondents around the world are the driving force of the IAI. These membersí leadership helps bring together people from all over the world who are active in the international arbitration field and have a link with France. Together with the Advisory Board, they coordinate and give shape to the different activities of the IAI, mostly within their own region but also with the IAI as a whole.

Members of the IAI are professionals and academics who are active in international arbitration and have a special interest in international arbitration in France.

Young Practitioners
In order to encourage young professionals and academics in this field, the IAI offers a specific forum to its members of under 40 years of age.

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