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  Emmanuel GAILLARD  
  Welcome to, the website of the International Arbitration Institute. The site is designed as your point of access to the international arbitration community.

One of the most important objectives of the IAI is to promote transparency in the international arbitration community. In the past, access to academic literature and other more practical information was not complemented by access to the international arbitration community itself.



We intend to redress that imbalance. We want to focus our energies on giving you access to the experts of the arbitration world in their various capacities: arbitrators, counsel, institutions, reporters, translators etc. The website is designed to be easily searchable so you can find the expert you need without any difficulty.

We have also designed to promote communication among all the various players in the field of international arbitration. We are delighted that you can now contact other members directly by clicking on their e-mail links in their personal profiles. For those of you who prefer the more “traditional” modes of communication, we have provided you with all the contact details you require. You can also communicate through your participation in on-line discussion groups on various topics of interest. Finally, members can have references to their new publications posted on a specially created message board.

I am confident that you will appreciate how powerful a tool can be as a gateway to the world of international arbitration. Clearly, the true potential of the site will only be realized if you make use of the site to the full, both as a tool for gathering information and as a platform of communication. I am confident that you will do so.


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