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Click here to enlarge.   Annet VAN HOOFT IAI Member   
Independent Arbitrator

Languages   Dutch (native); English, French, German (fluent)
Nationality   The Netherlands
Bar Admission   Rotterdam - 1998
New York - 1999
Paris - 2007 (Registered under Directive 98/5/CE)
Education   University of Michigan Law School (LLM - 1997); Universiteit Utrecht (JD - 1995; MA - 1996)
Visiting Professor - College of Europe
as Arbitrator  
Chair, Sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in international arbitration proceedings under the Rules of the CEPANI, CMAP, DIS, ICC, NAI, UNCITRAL and WIPO
as Counsel  
International arbitration proceedingsunder the Rules of the CEPANI, DIS, HKIAC, ICC, LCIA, NAI, SCC, SCAI, UNCITRAL and WIPO (mostly mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, hospitality industry, and construction matters); formerly Counsel at the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (2004-2006)
Relating to  
• Arbitrating Under the 2012 ICC Rules: An Introductory Users' Guide (Kluwer, 2012) (with J. Grierson)

• "Arbitration and Intellectual Property," in Liber Amicorum, 50 Years of Solutions, CEPANI 1969 – 2019, at 301 (D. De Meulemeester, M. Berlingin, B. Kohl eds., Kluwer, 2019)

• "Case study: the legislator's perspective," in Arbitration in the Digital Age 99 (M. Piers and C. Aschauer eds., Cambridge University Press, 2018) (with J. Kroes-Lastochkina)

• "Konfliktmanagement im internationalen Rechtsverkehr," in Prozesse Vermeiden, Prozesse Vorbereiten, Prozesse Führen (G. Simon and J. Landbrecht eds., Stämpfli, 2017) (with A.K. Becker)

• "La procédure se simplifie pour les petits litiges," Usine Nouvelle, 25 May 2017 (with C. Devue)

• "Comment sécuriser la sentence arbitrale ?," Usine Nouvelle, 1 Dec. 2016 (with E. Brisson)

• "Brexit and the Future of Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration," 33(Spec. Issue) J. Int'l. Arb. 541 (2016)

• "The Netherlands," in Enforcement of Investment Treaty Arbitration Awards 323 (J. Fouret ed., Globe Law and Business, 2015) (with M. Castro Ganja)

• "The 2012 ICC Rules: Two Years' On," 2014(3) Tijdschrift voor Arbitrage 85 (with C. Morel de Westgaver)

• "Het nieuwe ICC-Arbitragereglement [The New ICC Arbitration Rules]," Tijdschrift voor Ondernemingsrecht No. 103, at 517 (2011)

• "Kanttekening," Proceedings of the Cepina Colloquium on Arbitration and Mediation, Rechtskundig Weekblad No. 32, at 1365 (2011)

• "The Netherlands Supreme Court Confirms Annulment of ICC Arbitral Award for failure to Comply with mandatory Signing Requirements," 24(1) Int’l Arb. Rep. 1 (2009)

• "Productie van documenten in arbitrage en assistentie van Nederlandse en Amerikaanse gerechten [Document production in arbitration and assistance from Dutch and US courts]," 2009(2) Tijdschrift voor Arbitrage 3

• "The Role of the ICC International Court of Arbitration and its Secretariat," 2006(1) Tijdschrift voor Arbitrage 2
with France  
Vice-President of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR (2014-2017); Co-chair, Paris Bar Commission on International Arbitration

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