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Levy Kaufmann Kohler
3-5 rue du Conseil-Général
P.O. Box 552
CH-1211 Geneva
Tel: +41.22.809.62.00
Fax: +41.22.809.6201

Languages   Italian (native); French, English, German (fluent)
Nationality   Switzerland
Bar Admission   Geneva - 1999
Education   Geneva University Law school (Law degree - 1996; PhD - 2004; LLM - European Institute - 1995); Graduate Institute of International Studies (Degree in International Relations - 1992)
Professor of Law (International Arbitration, International Sports Law) - University of Neuchâtel School of Law; Lecturer (Sports Arbitration) - Graduate Institute of International Studies (MIDS, Geneva), Zurich University School of Law; Centre International d'études du Sport (CIES, Neuchâtel), Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia (ISDE, Madrid) and Universitá degli Studi di Milano
as Arbitrator  
Chair, Sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in numerous international arbitrations, ad hoc and under the Rules of the ICC, the Swiss Rules, the Rules of the Milan Chamber and the VIAC Rules; Secretary to the Tribunal in international arbitrations under the Rules of ICSID, SCC, DIS and LCIA
as Counsel  
International commercial arbitrations, ad hoc and under the Rules of the ICC and the Swiss Rules; numerous sports arbitrations before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS); arbitration-related proceedings before Swiss courts
Relating to  
• International Arbitration: Law and Practice in Switzerland (OUP, 2015) (with G. Kaufmann-Kohler)

• Arbitrage International – Droit et pratique à la lumière de la LDIP (Weblaw, 2nd ed. 2010) (with G. Kaufmann-Kohler)

• L'arbitrage international en matière de sport (Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 2005)

• Die Revision internationaler Schiedssprüche in der Schweiz (Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 2002) (with M. Schöll)

• Co-editor, New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration (Schulthess, yearly volume, as from 2008) (with C. Müller and S. Besson)

• Co-editor, CAS Jurisprudence and New Developments in International Sports Law (Weblaw, 2012) (with M. Bernasconi)

• Co-editor, Sport Governance, Football Disputes, Doping and CAS Arbitration (Weblaw, 2009) (with M. Bernasconi)

• Co-editor, The Proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Weblaw, 2007) (with M. Bernasconi)

• Co-editor and contributor to the online Law journal Jusletter

• Contributor, "Chronique de jurisprudence en matière d'arbitrage sportif," Cahiers de l'arbitrage / Paris J. Int'l Arb. (with A. Pinna 2006-2011 and U. Haas (2012-))

• "An Overview of Recent CAS Awards Related to the Arab World," 9(2) Int'l J. Arab Arb. 47 (2017)

• "Sports Arbitration and the Inherent Need for Speed and Effectiveness," in Expedited Procedures in International Arbitration 88 (L. Lévy, M. Polkinghorne eds., ICC Publishing, 2017)

• "'Consent' in Sports Arbitration – Its Multiple Aspects," in ASA Special Series No. 41, at 59 (E. Geisinger, E. Trabaldo De Mestral eds., Juris Publishing, 2015) (with F. Robert-Tissot)

• "Sports Arbitration under the CAS Rules," in Arbitration in Switzerland – The Practitioner's Guide 885 (M. Arroyo ed., Kluwer, 2013) (with M. Noth and E. Hasler)

• "L’importance du droit suisse de l’arbitrage dans la résolution des litiges sportifs internationaux," 132 Rev. dr. suisse 301 (2013)

• "The Swiss Supreme Court refits the frigates: ICC award set aside after more than 13 years," 27(3) J. Int'l Arb. 307 (2010) (with E. Leimbacher)

• "Challenging awards of the Court of Arbitration for Sport," 1(1) J. Int'l Disp. Settlement 217 (2010)

• "Arbitrati e Tribunale internazionale sportivo," in Arbitrato, ADR, Conciliazione 1123 (M. Rubino-Sammartano ed., Zanichelli, 2009)

• "Le délai d'appel devant le tribunal arbitral du sport. Quelques considérations à la lumière de la pratique récente," in Le temps et le droit 255 (P. Zen-Ruffinen ed., Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 2008)

• "Provisional Measures in CAS Arbitrations," in The Court of Arbitration for Sport: 1984–2004 (I. Blackshaw, J. Soek, R. Siekmann eds., T.M.C. Asser Press, 2006)

• "The Decisions Rendered by the CAS Ad Hoc Division at the Turin Winter Olympic Games," 23(5) J. Int'l. Arb. 453 (2006)

• "L'arbitrabilité des litiges sportifs," 21(3) ASA Bull. 501 (2003)

• "Arbitrage, ordre public et droit communautaire de la concurrence," 17(4) ASA Bull. 455 (1999)

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