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Click here to enlarge.   Christophe IMHOOS IAI Member   
Esprit d'entente
13 Quai de l'île
CH -1204 Geneva
Tel: +

Languages   French (native); English (fluent)
Nationality   Switzerland
Bar Admission   Geneva - 1985
Education   Institut universitaire Kurt Bösch (Master in European Mediation - 2009); New York University (Master of Comparative Jurisprudence - 1987); University of Geneva (Licence en droit - 1983)
as Arbitrator  
Chair, sole arbitrator, or member of the tribunal in several domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the aegis of the ICC and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG); WIPO Internet domain names arbitrations
as Counsel  
Several ad hoc and institutional (ICC) arbitration proceedings
Relating to  
• ICC Arbitration in Practice, 2nd ed. (with E. Schäfer and H. Verbist, Kluwer, 2015)

• ICC Arbitration in Practice (with E. Schäfer and H. Verbist, Kluwer, 2004)

• L’arbitrage de la Chambre de Commerce Internationale (CCI) en pratique (Stämpfli/Bruylant, 2002) (with E. Schäfer and H. Verbist)

• Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution - How to settle international business disputes (International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva, 2001) (with H. Verbist and J.F. Bourque)

• Die ICC Schiedsgerichtsordnung in der Praxis (with E. Schäfer and H. Verbist) (Economica Verlag, 2000)

Several articles on international arbitration, including:

• "The Arbitration Rules of the OHBLA Joint Court of Justice and Arbitration," 1999 Rev. dr. aff. int. / Int’l Bus. L.J. 825 (with G. Kenfack Douajni)

• "The New 1998 ICC Rules of Arbitration," 1997 Rev. dr. aff. int. / Int’l Bus. L.J. 989 (with H. Verbist)

• "Le nouveau Règlement d'arbitrage de la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Genève," 1993 Cah. jur. fisc. exp. 193

• "The ICC Arbitral Process – Part I: Constituting the Arbitral Tribunal," 2(2) ICC Bull. 3 (1991)

• "Le Règlement de Conciliation Facultative de la Chambre de Commerce Internationale: un autre mode de résolution des litiges commerciaux internationaux," 1991 Cah. jur. fisc. exp. 1279
with France  
Former counsel, Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration (1987-91); co-rapporteur of the ICC Commission on International Arbitration

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