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Click here to enlarge.   Cristian CONEJERO ROOS IAI Member   
Av. Nueva Costanera 3300, piso 4 Vitacura
Santiago de Chile, 7630413
Tel: +5622 889 9900

Languages   Spanish (native); English (fluent); French, Portuguese (good working knowledge)
Nationality   Chile
Bar Admission   Chile - 1999
Education   Columbia Law School (LLM - 2003); Catholic University of Chile (Law degree - 1998)
Lecturer (International Commercial and Investment Arbitration) - ESSEC Business School, Paris; Visiting Lecturer (International Arbitration) - Instituto de Empresa, Universidad de Alcalá, and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
as Arbitrator  
Sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in international arbitration proceedings under the aegis of the ICC and ICDR
as Counsel  
Domestic and international proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC, ICSID and ICDR/AAA and Madrid Arbitration Court (investment and general commercial matters); formerly Counsel at the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration
Relating to  
• Editor and co-author, El Arbitraje Comercial Internacional en Iberoamérica: Marco Legal y Jurisprudencial (La Ley, 2009)

• "International Arbitration and National Constitutions in Latin America: A Dangerous Liaison," Arb. Rev. Americas 2010 (Law & Business Research, 2009)

• "Multiparty Disputes and Rule-Making: Same issues, Contrasting Approaches," in 50 Years of the New York Convention, ICCA Congress Series No. 14 (2009)

• "The New York Convention in Latin America: Lessons from Recent Court Decisions," Arb. Rev. Americas 2009 (Law & Business Research, 2008)

• "El Arbitraje Internacional: Dinamismo, Convergencia y Conflicto," 2008(7) Rev. Peruana Arb. 375

• "El Silogismo del Arbitraje Internacional: ¿Una formula simplista?," Revista Legal Columnas, Mayo-Junio 2009, at 4

• "¿Cláusulas amplias or detalladas?: Lecciones y Reflexiones bajo la Convención de Nueva York [Broad or Blue-print Arbitration Clauses: Lessons and Reflections under the New York Convention]," in El Arbitraje Comercial Internacional - Estudio de la Convención de Nueva York con motivo de su 50° aniversario (G. Tawil and E. Zuleta eds., Legis, 2008)

• "El Arbitraje como una Alternativa Real a la Justicia [Arbitration as a True Alternative to the Court]," in Aportaciones Sobre la Justicia y Empresa, Observatorio Justicia y Empresa 197 (S. Pastor and C. Jiménez eds., Thomson Aranzadi, 2007)

• "Arbitration in Brazil: Law and Practice from the ICC Perspective," 17(2) ICC Bull. 11 (2007) (with R. Grion)

• "La Constitución y el arbitraje internacional en América Latina: Hacia un nuevo lenguaje [Constitution and International Arbitration in Latin America: Towards a new language?]," 7 Rev. Der. Priv. 235 (2006); reprinted in La Constitucionalización del Derecho Privado 365 (2007)

• "Arbitration in Brazil: The ICC Experience," in Arbitration in Brazil: Procedure and Practice, Appx. C-1 – C-51 (Juris Publishing, 2006) (with R. Grion)

• "Brazil as a place of arbitration," in Annual Report of the Brazilian Confederation of Commerce, CNC 188 (2006)

• "La Contribución de la Cámara de Comercio Internacional en materia de comercio electrónico y arbitraje [The contribution of the International Chamber of Commerce in the field of Electronic Commerce and Arbitration]," 5-6 DeCITA 267 (2006)

• "La influencia de La Ley Modelo de la CNUDMI sobre arbitraje comercial internacional en América Latina [The influence of the UNCITRAL Model Law on international commercial arbitration in Latin America]," 4 Rev. Int. Arb. at 7 (2005)

• "Los costos en el arbitraje internacional [Costs in International Arbitration]," in E. Silva-Romero and F. Mantilla-Espinosa (eds.), El Contrato de Arbitraje 731 (Legis, 2005)

• "The New Chilean Arbitration Law and the UNCITRAL Model Law," 22(2) J. Int’l Arb. 149 (2005)

• "El impacto de la Ley de la CNUDMI sobre arbitraje comercial internacional en América Latina: Un análisis comparativo [The impact of the UNCITRAL Model Law on international commercial arbitration in Latin America: A comparative review]," Rev. C. Esp. Arb. 255 (2004)

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