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Click here to enlarge.   Didier F. MATRAY IAI Member   
Matray Matray Hallet
Rue des Fories, 2
B-4020 Liège
Tel: +
Fax: +

Languages   French (native); German, English (fluent); Italian, Dutch (knowledge)
Nationality   Belgium
Bar Admission   Liège - 1973
Foreign Section, Cologne Bar - 1988
Paris Bard (European Directive) since March 11, 2003
Education   Law Faculty of the University of Liège, Belgium (Licence en droit (summa cum laude) - 1973)
Honorary Professor - Law Faculty of the University of Liège
as Arbitrator  
Chair, Sole arbitrator, or member of the tribunal in numerous international and domestic arbitration proceedings, under the Rules of the ICC, CEPANI, and UNCITRAL; Member, ICSID Panel of arbitrators (appointed by Belgium)
as Counsel  
Numerous international and domestic arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC and CEPANI (post-mergers and acquisitions disputes and international business transactions matters)
Relating to  
• "L'arbitrage et l'assurance. Les rapports avec les tiers," in L'arbitrage et le droit des assurances (Bruylant, 2015) 129 (with F. Vidts)

• "Introduction générale," in L'arbitre international et l'urgence (Bruylant, 2014) 17 (with F.Vidts)

• "L'arbitrage multipartite dans le nouveau règlement de la CCI," in Le nouveau règlement d'arbitrage de la CCI (Bruylant, 2014) 135 (G. Matray)

• "L'exécution sur le territoire belge des sentences arbitrales étrangères annulées dans leur pays d'origine," in Liber Amicorum François Glansdorff et Pierre Legros (Bruylant, 2014) 651 (with G. Matray)

• "Le financement du contentieux arbitral international par un tiers," in L'avocat, Liber Amicorum Georges-Albert Dal (Larcier, 2014) 519 (with G. Keutgen)

• "Même en arbitrage, il n'y a pas de témoin sous la robe," in Pourquoi Antigone?, Liber Amicorum Edouard Jakhian (Bruylant, 2010) 365

• "Introduction: Arbitrage et concurrence, concurrence et arbitrage," in L'arbitrage et le droit de la concurrence, Actes du Colloque du Cepani du 9 Dec. 2010 (Bruylant, 2010) 17 (with G. Matray)

• "Quelques histoires d'arbitrage écoutées aux portes de la légende," in Liber Amicorum Guy Keutgen (Bruylant, 2008) 329
with France  
Member, ICC Commission on International Commercial Practices; Brussels Stock Exchange (Member of Euronext), Market Authority, Vice President

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