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Click here to enlarge.   Friedrich Jakob ROSENFELD IAI Young Practitioner   
Hanefeld Rechtsanwaelte
Brooktorkai 20
D-20457 Hamburg
Tel: +
Fax: +

Languages   German (native); English, French (fluent); Spanish (knowledge)
Nationality   Germany
Bar Admission   Hamburg - 2010
Education   Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University (Dr. iur. (summa cum laude) - 2008); Bucerius Law School (State exam - 2007, scholar of the German National Academic Foundation); Columbia Law School (exchange semester - 2004)
Global Hauser Professor from Practice (International Arbitration) - NYU School of Law (2020); Global Adjunct Professor of Law (International Arbitration) - NYU School of Law in Paris 2016-); Visiting Professor (International Arbitration) - International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki (2013-); Lecturer (International Investment Protection) - Bucerius Law School (2014-); Lecturer (International Investment Protection) - University of Hamburg (2013-14); Global Hauser Fellow from Practice and Government, NYU School of Law (2014)
as Arbitrator  
President, Sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the Rules of the Danish Institute of Arbitration, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Drug and Chemicals Association, DIS, ICDR and ICC
as Counsel  
Domestic and international arbitration proceedings, under the Rules of the ICC, Danish Institute of Arbitration, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and DIS (focus on construction, post-M&A, commercial and investment disputes)
Relating to  
• Co-author, A Comparative Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration (Elgar, 2021) (with F. Ferrari and J. Fellas)

• Co-editor, Autonomous versus Domestic Concepts in the New York Convention (Kluwer, 2021) (with F. Ferrari)

• Co-editor, Due Process as a Limit to Discretion in International Commercial Arbitration (Kluwer, 2020) (with F. Ferrari and D. Czernich)

• Co-editor, Inherent Powers in International Adjudication (Juris, 2019) (with F. Ferrari)

• "The Shared Control of Arbitral Awards," in The Cambridge Handbook of Judicial Control over Arbitral Awards 441 (L. Di Matteo, M. Infantino, N.M.P. Potin eds., Cambridge, 2020)

• Chapters on Expropriation, Fair and Equitable Treatment, State Responsibility & Compensation, Consent to Arbitrate and the Future of Investment Arbitration, in International Investment Arbitration in a Nutshell (F. Ferrari, B. King, West, 2019)

• "The Law Applicable to Legal Privilege in International Arbitration," in Conflicts of Laws in International Commercial Arbitration 213 (F. Ferrari, S. Kröll, Juris, 2019)

• "The Hardening of Soft Law in International Arbitration," 7(2) Eur. Int'l Arb. Rev. 19 (2019)

• "Weak Parties in International Commercial Arbitration" (forthcoming in The Cambridge Compendium on International Arbitration (A. Bjorklund, S. Kröll, F. Ferrari eds.))

• "Limitations to Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration" (forthcoming in The Cambridge Compendium on International Arbitration (A. Bjorklund, S. Kröll, F. Ferrari eds.) (with F. Ferrari))

• "Inherent Powers of International Adjudicators to Reconsider and Revise their Decisions," 6(2) Eur. Int'l Arb. Rev. 127 (2017)

• "Límites a la Autonomía de las Partes en Arbitraje Internacional," 10(2) Arbitraje 335 (2017) (with F. Ferrari)

• "Iura Novit Curia in International Law," 6(1) Eur. Int'l Arb. Rev. 131 (2017)

• "The Rome Regulations in International Arbitration – The Road Not Taken," in The Impact of EU Law on International Commercial Arbitration 245 (F. Ferrari ed., Juris, 2017)

• "Arbitral Praeliminaria - Reflections on the Distinction between Jurisdiction and Admissibility after BG v. Argentina," 29(1) Leiden J. Int'l L. 137 (2016)

• "Yukos Revisited – A Case Comment on the Set-aside Decision in Yukos Universal Limited (Isle of Man) et al. v. Russia," 2016(5) IPrax 478 (with F. Ferrari)

• "Security for Costs in ICSID Arbitration –RSM Production Corporation v. St. Lucia," 32(1) Arb. Int'l 157 (2016)

• "Limits to Party Autonomy to Protect Weak Parties in International Commercial Arbitration," in Limits to Party Autonomy in International Commercial Arbitration 419 (F. Ferrari ed., Juris, 2016)

• "Regime Interactions between the New York Convention and International Investment Law – On Bridging the Gap Between Commercial and Investment Arbitration at the Enforcement Stage," 12(2) NYU J. L. & Bus. 295 (2016) (with F. Ferrari)

• "Early Dismissal of Claims in Investment Arbitration," in Reassertion of Control over International Investment Agreements and International Investment Treaty Arbitration 83 (A. Kulick ed., Cambridge University Press, 2016)

• "Abstract Interpretations in International Investment Law," in Reconceptualising the Rule of Law in Global Governance, Resources, Investment and Trade 331 (P. Pazartis, M. Gavouneli eds., Hart Publishing, 2016)

• "Germany," in Finding, Greezing and Attaching Assets – A Multi-Jurisdictional Handbook 127 (J.C. Jorgensen, Kluwer, 2016) (with J.H. Nedden)

• "The Trend from Standards to Rules in International Investment Law and its Impact upon the Interpretive Powers of Arbitral Tribunals," in Proceedings of the 108th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law 191 (2014)

• "Mass Claims in International Law," 4(1) J. of Int'l Disp. Settlement 159 (2013)

• "The New UNCITRAL Transparency Rules: How the Trend towards Transparency differs in Investment and Commercial Arbitration," in New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration 2013, at 41 (C. Müller, A. Rigozzi eds., Schultess, 2013) (with J.H. Nedden

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