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Click here to enlarge.   Ismail SELIM IAI Young Practitioner   
The Cairo Regional Centre For International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA)
1 El Saleh Ayoub Street 11211
3rd and 6th floors
Cairo - Egypt
Tel: +202.2735.1333 (Office)
Tel: +202.2735.1335 (Office)
Tel: +20.128.344.2284 (Cell)
Fax: +202.2735.1336

Languages   Arabic (native); French, English (fluent)
Nationality   Egypt
Bar Admission   Cairo - 2010
Position   Director, Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA); Secretary/Treasurer, International Federation of Commercial Arbitration Institutions
Education   American University of Cairo (Certificate in "International Construction Contracts FIDIC" CLAC 25 - 2011); Université de Bourgogne (Doctorat en droit - 2009); Queen Mary University (Certificate in International Commercial Arbitration - 2005); Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) (Master Degree in Public Administration (M.P.A) - 2001); Cairo University/Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (Master Degree in International Business Law - 1999); Ministry of Justice, Cairo (Certificate of the National Centre for Judicial Studies - 1999); Cairo University, Faculty of Law (LLB - 1997)
Lecturer (Private International Law) - Institut du Droit des Affaires Internationales, Cairo
as Arbitrator  
Chair, sole arbitrator and member of the tribunal in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the Rules of CRCICA, ICC and DIFC-LCIA; former Judge and public prosecutor (1998-2009)
as Counsel  
International arbitration proceedings under the CRCICA and Swiss Rules (mostly distribution, construction, telecom, media and entertainment, and banking disputes); arbitration-related proceedings before Egyptian courts; expert opinions on Egyptian and Libyan Law in international proceedings
Relating to  
• L'ordre public international 'in favorem arbitrandum': étude de droit comparé (Editions Universitaires Européennes, 2012)

• "Egyptian Public Policy as a ground for Annulment and Refusal of Enforcement of Arbitral Awards," 3(1) BCDR Int'l Arb. Rev. 65 (2016)

• "Commentary on the Landmark Decision of the Cairo Court of Appeal dated 6 January 2016 cases no 11/12/14 for the year 132 J (The Bassem Youssef setting aside proceedings)," 30 Universal J. Arb. (Apr. 2016) (in Arabic)

• "Recent Developments of Judicial Control over the Arbitral Awards Compliance with Public Policy in Egypt and France," 29 Universal J. Arb. (Jan. 2016) (in Arabic)

• "Le régime juridique des intérêts moratoires en droit égyptien de l'arbitrage," in Festschrift Ahmed Sadek El-Kosheri, From the Arab World to the Globalization of International Law and Arbitration (N. Ziadé, P. Leboulanger, M. Abdelraouf eds., Kluwer, 2015)155

• "Commentary on the decision of the Egyptian Court of Cassation dated 22 March 2011," Arab J. Arb. (2015) (in Arabic)24

• "Chronique de jurisprudence étrangère - Egypte," 2013(1) Rev. arb. (with D. Hussein and S. El Sawah)191

• "Arbitration in Egypt in the Realm of the Arab Spring," 23(3) J. Arb. Studies (2013)169

• "Judicial Control over the Arbitral Awards Compliance with Public Policy," 16 Arab J. Arb. (2011) (in Arabic)

• "International Public Policy in favorem arbitrandum," 13 Arab J. Arb. (2009) (in Arabic)

• "Amendment Project of the French domestic and International Law," 10 Arab J. Arb. (2007) (in Arabic)

• "Recent developments of Arbitration before the ICSID," Arab J. Arb., Vols. 8 (2005) and 9 (2006) (in Arabic)

• "Breaking up the Conflict of Domestic Laws Regulating Enforcement of Arbitral Awards," 8 Arab J. Arb. (Aug. 2005)(in Arabic)
with France  
Member of 'Le Comité Français de l'Arbitrage' (CFA)
Member of 'L'Association Henry Capitant'

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