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3 Verulam Buildings
Gray's Inn
London WC1R 5NT
United Kingdom
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Languages   Swedish, English, Russian, German (fluent); French, Norwegian, Danish, Ukrainian, Spanish (knowledge)
Nationality   Sweden
Education   Uppsala University (Doctor of Law (LLD) - 2001); University of Illinois College of Law (MCL - 1978); Uppsala University, Sweden (BA - 1974, Master of Laws - 1977)
Adjunct Professor of Law (East European Commercial Law, International Arbitration Law) - Department of Law, Uppsala University; Professor of Law - Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee; Professor of Law (International Investment and Trade Law) - Department of Law, Uppsala University
as Arbitrator  
Chair, Sole arbitrator, or member of the tribunal in numerous international and domestic arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the aegis of the SCC, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, AAA, International Arbitral Centre of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna (VIAC), Polish Chamber of Commerce, KLRCA, CIETAC, HKIAC, ICAC (Moscow), and the Kiev, Bishkek, Almaty and Saint Petersbourg Arbitration Centers; Commissioner, UNCC; Member, ICSID Panel of arbitrators (appointed by Sweden)
as Counsel  
Numerous international and domestic arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the SCC, ICC, LCIA, VIAC, AAA, ICSID, ICAC (construction, infrastructure and turnkey projects, oil & gas, foreign investment, joint ventures, intellectual property (licensing agreements), mergers & acquisitions, and space-related matters)
• PCA Case No. 2012-16 (UNCITRAL) (formerly AA 434), Murphy Exploration & Production Company – International v. Republic of Ecuador, Final Award, 10 Feb. 2017 (full text ITA)

• PCA Case No. 2012-16 (UNCITRAL) (formerly AA 434), Murphy Exploration & Production Company – International v. Republic of Ecuador, Partial Final Award, 6 May 2016 (full text ITA)

• ICSID Case No. ARB/10/4, Antoine Abou Lahoud and Leila Bounafeh-Abou Lahoud v. Democratic Republic of the Congo, Decision on Annulment, 29 Mar. 2016 (full text ITA )

• ICSID Case No. ARB/07/6, Señor Tza Yap Shum v. The Republic of Peru, Decision on Annulment, 12 Feb. 2015 (full text ITA English) (full text ITA Spanish)

• UNCITRAL, Petrobart Ltd. v. Kyrgyz Republic, Award, 13 Feb. 2003 (full text ITA)
Relating to  
• Res Judicata and Lis Pendens in International Arbitration (Brill Nijhoff, 2014)

• Cross Examination in International Arbitration, (OUP, 2014) (with H. Sussman)

• Selected Writings on Investment Treaty Arbitration (Studentlitteratur AB, 2013)

• International Commercial Arbitration in Sweden (OUP, 2011)

• Investment Arbitration in Eastern Europe: In search of a Definition of Expropriation (Juris, 2007)

• Extinctive Prescription and Applicable Law in Interstate Arbitration (Iustus Förlag, 2001)

• Transforming East European Law. Essays on Russian, Soviet and East European Law (1997)

• Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards Against Russian Entities (Transnational Juris Publications, 1993)

• Co-editor, Between East and West - Essays in Honour of Ulf Franke (Juris Publishing, 2010) (with A. Magnusson and M. Öhrström)

• Co-editor, Arbitration in Sweden (The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, 2d ed. 1984)

Numerous articles, reviews and notes on international arbitration and East European law, including:

• "Latin and International Arbitration," in The Powers and Duties of an Arbitrator: Liber Amicorum Pierre A. Karrer 137 (P. Shaughnessy and S. Tung eds., Kluwer, 2017)

• "Interpreting and Understanding Arbitral Awards for Purposes of Scholarly Research," in The Evolution and Future of International Arbitration (S. Brekoulakis, J. Lew, L. Mistelis eds., Kluwer, 2016) at 465

• "Arbitrating In Stockholm During The Cold War: The US Embassy in Moscow," in Arbitrating For Peace: How Arbitration Made a Difference, (U. Franke, A. Magnusson, J. Dalhquist eds., Kluwer, 2016)

• "WTO and Russia - Can we Expect a Transformative Effect?," in Vol.41(1) The Uppsala Yearbook of Eurasian Studies (K.I.Hober, A.J. Cornell, L. Polishchuk eds., Wildy, Simmonds and Hill, 2016)

• "Does Investment Arbitration have a Future," in International Investment Law: A Handbook (M. Bungenberg, J. Griebel, S. Hobe, and A. Reinisch eds., Nomos, 2015) at 1873

• "Investment Arbitration And Its Future -- If Any," in Vol.7(8) Yearbook On Arbitration and Mediation (PennState University, 2015)

• "Political Risk Insurance and Investment Treaty Protection," in International Investment Law: A Handbook, (M. Bungenberg, J. Griebel, S. Hobe, and A. Reinisch eds., Nomos, 2015) at 1517 (with J. Fellenbaum)

• "The Russian Doll Syndrome: Russian Tactics in International Arbitration," in New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration 2015 (C. Müller, A. Rigozzi, S. Besson eds., Schulthess Verlag, 2015) at 1

• "Sweden," in Interim Measures in International Arbitration (L.W. Newman and C. Ong eds., Juris, 2014)

• "Res Judicata and Lis Pendens in International Arbitration," in Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law Vol.366 (Brill Nijhoff, 2014) at 109

• "Investment Treaty Arbitration: A Brief Overview," Intertax, Special Issue: Arbitration in Tax Treaties Vol.42(3) (Kluwer Law, 2014) at 189

• "Apparent Authority по-русский," in The Best in the West- Educator, Jurist, Arbitrator – Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor William Butler (Wildy, Simmons and Hill, 2014) at 200

• "WTO and Russia," in Contemporary International Arbitration And Mediation, The Fordham Papers, (A. W. Rovine ed., Fordham Law School, 2014)

• "The 'CME/Lauder' Saga - or Pragae Caemeterium? A Tale of Two Parallel Investment Treaty Arbitrations - A Comment on CME Ezech Republic BV v. Czech Republic and Lauder V. Czech Republic," in Essays in Honour of Hans Van Houtte 263(P. Wautelet, T. Kruger & G. Coppens eds., Hart Publishing, 2012)

• "Russian Shareholders’ Agreements and International Arbitration," 23(3-4) Am. Rev. Int'l Arb. 493 (2012)

• "Sovereign Immunity and International Arbitration – Recent developments," in Arbitrators’ Insights Essays in Honour of Neil Kaplan (C. Bao, F. Lautenschlager eds., Sweet & Maxwell, 2012) at 91

• "Determining the Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunals Sitting in Sweden," 21(1) Rom. Arb. J. 1(2012)

• "Допрос свидетелей в международном арбитраже [Witness Examination in International Arbitration]" in Международный коммерческий арбитраж: современные проблемы и решения: Сборник статей к 80-летию Международного коммерческого арбитражного суда при Торгово-промышленной палате Российской Федерации (2012) at 369

• "International Arbitration in London: A View from Outside," in Annual Keynote Address delivered on 5 May 2011 to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators London Branch (Sweet & Maxwell, 2011) at 428

• "Misconduct by Proxy? Trying to Understand Article 22 of the ECT" in Liber Amicorum Bernardo Cremades (M.A. Fernandez-Ballesteros and D. Arias eds., La Ley, 2010) at 573

• "Review of Investment Treaty Awards by Municipal Courts," in Arbitration Under International Investment Agreements, A Guide to The Key Issues, (K. Yannaca-Small ed., OUP, 2010) at 635 (with N. Eliasson)

• "Compensation: A Closer Look at Cases Awarding Compensation for Violation of Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard," in Arbitration Under International Investment Agreements, A Guide to The Key Issues (K. Yannaca-Small ed., OUP, 2010) at 573

• "MFN Clauses and Dispute Resolution in Investment Treaties: Have We Reached the End of the Road?," in International Investment Law for the 21st Century, Essays in Honour of Christoph Schreuer (C. Binder, U. Kriebaum, A. Reinish, S. Wittich eds., OUP, 2009)

• "Remedies in Investment Disputes," in Investment treaty Law Current Issues III, Remedies in International Investment Law, Emerging Jurisprudence of International Investment Law (A.K. Bjorklund, I. A. Laird, S. Ripinsky eds., BIICL, 2009) at 3

• "Investor-State Arbitration and China – An Overview," in Business Disputes in China, (M.J. Moser ed., Jurisnet, 2009) at 209

• "Ownership of the Oil and Gas Resources in the Caspian See: Problems and Solutions – International Arbitration and Contractual Clauses," in Stockholm Arbitration Report 2004(1), at 1 and Vol.1(1) The Journal of Eurasian Law, (2008) at 64

• "The Special Status of Agreements to Arbitrate: The Separability Doctrine, Mandatory Stay of Litigation," 2(1) Disp. Res. Int'l, 56 (2008) (with A. Magnusson)

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• "Chronique de droit international privé suédois," 2006(2) JDI 719 (with M. Bogdan)

• "Intressekonflikter och skiljeförfaranden – Vägmärken och trafiksignaler från IBA [Conflicts of interest and arbitration – Traffic sign and traffic signals from IBA]," in Intressekonflikter och finansiella marknade (Nord & Thorell eds., 2006) at 226

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• "Ogiltighet och klander i internationella skiljeförfaranden. Högsta domstolen meddelar beslut i Uganda-målet [Invalidity and challenge of awards in international arbitrations. The Supreme Court decides the Uganda case]," 1989 Yearbook of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (1989)

• "Party Substitution under Swedish Arbitration Law," in Yearbook of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce 43 (1983)

• "The Doctrine of Separability under Swedish Arbitration Law, including Comments on the Position of and Soviet Law," Svensk Juristtidning 257 (1983)

• "Defenses to Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the United States," 48 Nordisk Tidskrift for International Ret 38 (1978)
with France  
Member, ICC Task Force on Joint Ventures and Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation; Member, ICC Institute of World Business Law

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