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Click here to enlarge.   Luca G. RADICATI DI BROZOLO IAI Member   
ARBLIT Radicati di Brozolo Sabatini Benedetelli
Via Alberto da Giussano 15
20145 Milan
Tel: +39.02.8425.4810 (Direct)
Tel: +39.335.599.2704 (Cell)
Fax: +39.02.8425.4819

Fountain Court Chambers
London EC4Y 9DH
United Kingdom
Tel: +44.(0)20.7583.3335
Fax: +44.(0)20.7353.0329
Languages   Italian (native); English, French (fluent); German (good working knowledge); Spanish (working knowledge)
Nationality   Italy, UK
Bar Admission   Milan - 1989
Italian Supreme Court - 1997
Registered European Lawyer - London
Education   University of Parma, Italy (Doctorate in Law - 1983); University of Florence (Doctorate in Political Sciences - 1974)
Professor of Law (Private International Law and International Arbitration) - Catholic University of Milan
as Arbitrator  
Chair or member of the tribunal in domestic and international proceedings, ad hoc and under the aegis of the Milan Chamber (CAM), the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG) and the LCIA; Member, ICC International Court of Arbitration; Member, ICSID Panel of arbitrators (appointed by Italy)
as Counsel  
Several domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the Rules of the ICC, the Milan Chamber (CAM) and ICSID; proceedings before the Iran-US Claims Tribunal
Relating to  
• Arbitrage commercial international et lois de police: considérations sur les conflits de juridictions dans le commerce international, in Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law, Vol. 315, 2006, at 269-501 (course delivered at the 2003 Session of the Hague Academy of International Law)

• Co-editor, Commentario breve al diritto dell’arbitrato interno e internazionale (Cedam, 2010) (with M. Benedettelli and C. Consolo)

Numerous articles on arbitration, including:

"Representative Aspects of 'Mass Claim' Proceedings in Investor-State Arbitration," 127 (B. Hanotiau, E. Schwartz eds., ICC Pub. No. 771, 2016)(with F. Ponzano)

• "Table Ronde : L'autorité de chose jugée des décisions relatives au contrôle des sentences," 2016(1) Rev. arb. 183 (with S. Bollée, M. Scherer et B. Zajdela)

• "Ethics and the Law Applicable to the Merits in Arbitration," in Mélanges en l’honneur du Professeur Pierre Mayer 753 (LGDJ, 2015)

• "Remedies against State Interference with International Arbitration," 18(2) Int'l Arb. L. Rev. 27 (2015)

• "The Enforcement of Annulled Awards: Further Reflections in Light of 'Thai-Lao Lignite'," 25(1) Am. Rev. Int'l Arb. 47 (2014)

• "The Enforcement of Annulled Awards: An Important Step in the Right Direction," 2013(4) Cahiers de l'arbitrage / Paris J. Int'l Arb. 1027

• "EU Merger Control Commitments and Arbitration - Reti Televisive Italiane v. Sky Italia," 29(2) Arb. Int'l 223 (2013); also published in Italian in 2013 Riv. dell'arb. 227

• "International Arbitration and Domestic Law," in International Commercial Arbitration - Different Forms and Their Features 40 (G. Cordero Moss ed., Cambridge University Press, 2013)

• "Las normas imperativas y el arbitraje internacional," in Cuestiones claves del arbitraje internacional 189 (E. Gaillard & D. Fernández Arroyo eds., CEDEP/UR 2013)

• "The control system of arbitral awards: a pro-arbitration critique of Michael Reisman's 'Normative architecture of international commercial arbitration'," in Arbitration ― The Next Fifty Years, ICCA Congress Series No. 16, at 74 (2012)

• "Arbitration and Mandatory Rules," 2012 Am. Rev. Int’l Arb. 49

• International Law Association International Commercial Arbitration Committee's Report and Recommendations on "Confidentiality in International Commercial Arbitration," 28(3) Arb. Int’l 355 (2012) (with F. De Ly and M. Friedman)

• "Enhancing the Effectiveness of Arbitration in Asia: Towards Less State Interference?," 2011(5) T.D.M.

• "Competition Law and Arbitration," Competition Law International, Nov. 2011, at 12

• "The impact of National Law and Courts on International Commercial Arbitration: Mythology, Physiology, Pathology, Remedies and Trends," 2011 Paris Int’l Arb. J. 663

• "’Res judicata’," in Post Award Issues, ASA Special Series No. 38, at 127 (P. Tercier, ed., 2011); in Portuguese: "Os efeitos de coisa julgada de sentenças arbitrais internacionais," in Arbitragem e Comércio Internacional, Estudos em Homagem a Luiz Olavo Baptista 735 (Sao Paulo, 2013)

• "Arbitration and the draft revised Brussels I Regulation: Seeds of home country control and of harmonization?," 2011 J. Private Int’l L. 423; also published in Italian in 2011 Riv. dell’arb. 187

• "L'Italia e l'arbitrato internazionale," 2011(1) Corriere Giuridico (with M. Benedettelli)

• "Arbitration and Competition Law: The Position of the Courts and of Arbitrators," 27(1) Arb. Int'l 1 (2011); also published in 2010 Rev. Arb. Med. 162

• "International Law Association International Commercial Arbitration Committee's Report and Recommendations on 'Confidentiality in International Commercial Arbitration'," 28(3) Arb. Int’l 355 (2012)(with M. Friedman, F. De Ly)

• "Requiem pour le régime dualiste de l'arbitrage? Rèflexions sur la réforme italienne de l'arbitrage international," in Arbitrage interne et international 217 (A. Bonomi, A. Bochatay eds., Genève, 2010); also published in Italian in 2010 Riv. dir. Proc. 1267 and in Portuguese in Rev. Bras. Arb.

• "Arbitrage et droit de la concurrence: vers un consensus," 2010 Paris Int’l Arb. J. 181

• "Choice of court and arbitration agreements and the review of the Brussels I Regulation," 2010 IPRax 121

• "Unlawful Interference with international arbitration by national courts of the seat in the aftermath of Saipem v. Bangladesh," in Liber Amicorum Bernardo Cremades 993 (M.A. Fernandez-Ballesteros and D. Arias eds., La Ley, 2010) (with L. Malintoppi)

• "Interference by national courts with international arbitration: the situation after Saipem v. Bangladesh," in New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration 2009, at 1 (A. Müller, A. Rigozzi eds., 2009)

• "Court Review of Competition Law Awards in Setting Aside and Enforcements Proceedings," in EU and US Antitrust Arbitration § 35-001 (G. Blanke and P. Landolt eds., Kluwer, 2010)

• "Ascertaining the Content of the Applicable Law in International Commercial Arbitration, Final Report of the Committee on International Commercial Arbitration of the International Law Association adopted at the Rio de Janeiro Conference of 2008," 2010(2) Arb. Int’l (with M. Friedman)

• "Chassés croisés franco-belges: à propos de l'affaire Cytec," Note following Brussels Trib. First Inst., 8 Mar. 2007, 2007(2) Rev. arb. 318 (with A. Mourre)

• "Arbitration in EC Merger Control: Old Wine in a New Bottle," 2007 European J. Bus. L. 7

• "L'insoutenable légèreté de l'ordre public (encore à propos du droit de la concurrence)," Note following Swiss Fed. Trib., 8 Mar. 2006, 2006(3) Rev. arb. 769

• "Arbitrato e norme imperative: oltre l'arbitrabilità," 2006 AIDA - Annali Italiani del Diritto d'Autore 111

• "Controllo del lodo internazionale e ordine pubblico," 2006 Riv. dell’arb. 629

• "L'illicéité «qui crève les yeux» : le critère de contrôle des sentences au regard de l'ordre public international," Note following CA Paris, 18 Nov. 2004, Thalès v. Euromissile, 2005(2) Rev. arb. 529

• "Towards finality in international arbitration: two steps forward and one step back," 23(2) J. Int'l Arb. 171(2006) (with A. Mourre)

• "Arbitrato e diritto della concorrenza: il problema risolto e le questioni aperte," 2004 Riv. dell’arb. 1

• "Antitrust: A Paradigm of the Relations Between Arbitration and Mandatory Rules – A Fresh Look at the 'Second Look'," 2004 Int’l Arb. L. Rev. 23

• "The settlement of disputes in the Telecommunications Sector: NRAs vs Arbitration, Report at the ICC Seminar on Dispute Settlement in the Telecommunications Sector, International Chamber of Commerce, September 2004"

• "Mondialisation, juridiction, arbitrage: vers des lois d'application semi-immédiate?," 2003 Rev. crit. DIP 1

• "Arbitrato, diritto della concorrenza, diritto comunitario e regole di procedura nazionali," 1999 Riv. dell’arb. 665

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