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Click here to enlarge.   Lucy GREENWOOD IAI Member   
Independent Arbitrator
Ladywell Lakes
Tel: + (Cell)

Languages   English (native); French (knowledge)
Nationality   UK
Bar Admission   Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales - 1998
Texas - 2016
Education   University of Cambridge (BA, MA Hons Law - 1994, 1996); Chartered Arbitrator (2018)
as Arbitrator  
Chair, Sole arbitrator, emergency arbitrator or co-arbitrator in international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc and under the Rules of the ICDR, CPR, AAA and ICC
as Counsel  
Nuemrous international arbitrations proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the LCIA, ICC, ICDR (energy matters)
Relating to  
• "Moving beyond diversity toward inclusion in arbitration" (forthcoming in Stockholm Arbitration Yearbook 2019)

• "Principles of interpretation of contracts under English law and their application in international arbitration," 35(1) Arb. Int’l 21 (2019)

• "Women in Disputes – What can be done about the leaky pipeline," CDR magazine, Nov. 2017

• "Tipping the Balance – Diversity and Inclusion in International Arbitration," 33(1) Arb. Int’l 99 (2017)

• "Puppies or Kittens? How to Better Match Arbitrators to Party Expectations," in Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2016, at 61 (Klausegger, Klein, Kremslehner, Petsche, Pitkowitz, Power, Welser & Zeiler eds., 2016) (with E. Vidak-Gojkovic and M. McIlwrath)

• "Could ‘Blind’ Appointments Open Our Eyes to the Lack of Diversity in International Arbitration?," TDM 4 (2015)

• "Is the Balance Getting Better? An Update on the Issue of Gender Diversity in International Arbitration", 31(3) Arb. Int’l 413 (2015) (with M. Baker)

• "Unblocking the Pipeline: Achieving Greater Gender Diversity on International Arbitration Tribunals," 42(2) Int’l L. News (Spring 2013)

• "Are Challenges Overused in International Arbitration?," 30(2) J. Int’l Arb. 101 (2013) (with M. Baker)

• "Dissent - But Only If You REALLY Feel You Must: Why Dissenting Opinions in International Commercial Arbitration Should Only Appear in Exceptional Circumstances," 7(1) Disp. Res. Int’l (May 2013) (with M. Baker)

• "Getting a Better Balance on International Arbitration Tribunals," 28(4) Arb. Int’l 653 (2012) (with M. Baker)

• "In Search of an Exemplary International Construction Arbitration," in Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation – The Fordham Papers 2012, at 175 (A.W. Rovine ed.) (with M. Baker)

• "The Regionalization of International Arbitration: Maintaining International Standards in Appointing Arbitrators – A Comment on Jivraj v Hashwani," in The Practice of Arbitration – Essays in Honour of Hans Van Houtte 15 (P. Wautelet, T. Kruger and G. Coppens eds., Hart Publishing, 2012) (with M. Baker)

• "Keeping the Golden Goose Alive: Could Alternative Fee Arrangements Reduce the Cost of International Arbitration?," 28(6) J. Int’l Arb. 591 (2011)

• "Sketch: The Rise, Fall and Rise of International Arbitration – a View from 2030," 77(4) Arbitration 435 (2011)

• "A Window of Opportunity? Building a Short Period of Time into Arbitral Rules in Order for Parties to Explore Settlement," 27(2) Arb. Int’l 199 (2011)

• "Does Bifurcation Really Promote Efficiency?," 28(2) J. Int’l Arb. 105 (2011)

• "The English High Court highlights the difficulty of determining the stage at which a party might lose its right to apply for a stay in favor of arbitration," Int’l Dispute Res. News, Aug. 2010

• "Comment: Recent Developments in the Enforcement of International Arbitration Awards in England & Wales," 4(3) World Arb. & Med. Rev. (2010)

• "Class Arbitrations under the US Federal Arbitration Act: Stolt-Nielsen S.A v Animalfeeds International Corp," ITA News, Fall 2010

• "Tear Up the Procedural Schedule: Reducing Time and Costs in International Commercial Arbitration," 76 Arbitration 3 (2010)

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