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c/o Homburger AG
Prime Tower
Hardstrasse 201
CH-8005 Zurich
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Languages   German (native); English, French (fluent); Italian (working knowledge)
Nationality   Switzerland
Bar Admission   Zurich - 1977
Education   University of Zurich (Dr.iur. - 1976); University of Toronto (LLM - 1972); University of Zurich (lic.iur. - 1969)
Lecturer (Arbitration) - University of Zurich
as Arbitrator  
Chair, sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in numerous international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC, DIS, LCIA, VIAC, SCC, ICSID and the Swiss Chambers of Commerce
as Counsel  
Numerous international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC and the Swiss Chambers of Commerce (mergers and acquisitions, distribution, joint venture, long term supply contracts, international sales, project financing, construction, air transportation, telecommunication and competition matters)
• ICC Case No. Xx, A. v. Z., Order No. 5 on Request for Interim Relief of 2 Apr 2002 (excerpts Kluwer)

• Zurich Chamber of Commerce Case No. 415 , Swiss entity v. Dutch entity, 20 Nov 2001 (excerpts Kluwer)
Relating to  
• Co-editor, The Search for 'Truth' in Arbitration - Is Finding the Truth What Dispute Resolution is About? ASA Special Series No 35 (Juris Publising, 2011) (with J. Knoll)

• "Chapter 12 PILA - Is it Time for Reform? If Yes, What Shall be Its Scope?," in New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration (C. Müller, A. Rigozzi, eds., Schulthess, 2012)

• "Fact Witnesses," 13(5) Int'l Arb. L. Rev. 207 (2010)

• "Production of Documents and Fraud in International Arbitration," in Written Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration: New Issues and Tendencies 177 (T. Giovannini, A. Mourre eds., ICC Pub. No. 698, 2009)

• "The Current Revision of the UNCITRAL Rules," in New Developments in International Commercial Arbitration 2007, at 1 (C. Müller ed., Schulthess, 2007)

• "The Swiss Experience in Developing UNCITRAL Based Rules," 2007(2) Quarterly Law Review of the Malaysian Current Law Journal 113

• Rechtsbegehren in internationalen Schiedsverfahren – wie bestimmt müssen sie sein? [Prayers for Relief in International Arbitration – How Specific must they be?], in Rechtssetzung und Rechtsdurchsetzung, Festschrift Franz Kellerhals 145 (2005)

• "Rechtshilfe deutscher Gerichte zugunsten ausländischer Schiedsgerichte bei der Beweisaufnahme [Legal Assistance by German Courts to Foreign Arbitral Tribunals relating to the Gathering of Evidence]," 3(2) SchiedsVZ. 66 (2005)

• "Financial aspects: the costs of arbitration," in ASA Special Series No. 22, The Swiss Rules of International Arbitration 111 (2004)

• "Ihr Zeuge, Herr Rechtsanwalt! Weshalb Civil Law Schiedsrichter Common-Law-Verfahrensrecht anwenden? [Your Witness, Counsel! Why Civil Law Arbitrators Apply Common Law Rules of Procedure]," 1(1) SchiedsVZ. 9 (2003)

• "Art. 188 and 189 of the Swiss Federal Private International Law Act, 1987," in International Arbitration in Switzerland 597 (S.V. Berti, H. Honsell, N.P. Vogt, A.K. Schnyder eds., 2000)

• "Interim or Preventive Measures in Support of International Arbitration in Switzerland," 2000(1) ASA Bull. 31

• "Die Reglemente der massgeblichen Schiedsinstitutionen - Selektionskriterien aus praktischer Sicht [Institutional Arbitration Rules – Selection Criteria from a Practitioner's View]," in Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit 187 (Europa Institut Zurich, 1997)

• "The Enforcement of Foreign Security Awards in Switzerland," in ASA Special Series No. 9, The New York Convention of 1958, at 245 (1996)

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