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Click here to enlarge.   W. Michael REISMAN IAI Member   
Yale Law School
127 Wall Street
PO Box 401A Yale Station
New Haven, CT 06520
Tel: +1.203.432.2300

Languages   English (native)
Nationality   USA
Bar Admission   Connecticut - 1964
Education   Yale Law School (LLM - 1964; JD - 1965); Hebrew University, Israel (LLB - 1963); Johns Hopkins University (BA - 1960)
Myres S. McDougal Professor of International Law - Yale Law School (1998-)
as Arbitrator  
Chair, sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in numerous international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC and ICSID; President, Arbitration Tribunal of the Bank for International Settlements (2000–); Chairman, OSPAR Convention Arbitration, Ireland v. United Kingdom
• ICSID Case No. ARB/08/2, ATA Construction, Industrial and Trading Co. v. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Decision on Interpretation and on the Request for Provisional Measures, 7 Mar 2011 (full text ITA)

• ICSID Case No. ARB/08/2, ATA Construction, Industrial and Trading Co. v. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Award, 18 May 2010 (full text ITA)

• ICSID Case No. ARB/05/9, Empresa Eléctrica del Ecuador, Inc v. Republic of Ecuador, Award, 2 June 2009 (full text ITA) (excerpts Kluwer)

• NAFTA/UNCITRAL, Methanex Corp. v. United States, Final Award on the Jurisdiction and on the Merits, 3 Aug 2005 (full text US Dept. of State) (excerpts Kluwer)

• NAFTA/UNCITRAL, Gami Investments, Inc v. United Mexican States, Final Award, 15 Nov 2004 (full text ITA) (excerpts Kluwer)

• PCA Case, Dr. Horst Reineccius (Germany) et al v. Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland), Final Award, 19 Sep 2003 (full text ITA) (excerpts Kluwer)

• PCA Case, Dr. Horst Reineccius (Germany) et al v. Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland), Partial Award, 22 Nov 2002 (full text ITA) (excerpts Kluwer)

• ICC Case No. 4145, Establishment of Middle East Country X v. South Asian Construction Co, Final Award, 1986 (excerpts Kluwer)
Relating to  
• Co-editor, Foreign Investment Disputes (Kluwer, 2005)

• Jurisdiction in International Law (Ashgate, 1999)

• The Supervisory Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice: International Arbitration and International Adjudication (Hague Academy, 1997)

• International Commercial Arbitration: Cases, Materials, and Notes on the Resolution of International Business Disputes (Fondation Press, 1997)(with W.L. Craig, W.W. Park and J. Paulsson)

• Systems of Control in International Adjudication and Arbitration: Breakdown and Repair (Duke University Press, 1992)

• Nullity and Revision: The Review and Enforcement of International Judgments and Awards (Yale University Press, 1971)

• Co-editor-in-chief, American Journal of International Law

Numerous articles, including:

• " Applicable Law Under the ICSID Convention: The Tortured History of the Interpretation of Article 42, " in Building International Investment Law – The First 50 Years of ICSID 3 (M. Kinnear et al. eds., Kluwer, 2015) (with M. H. Arsanjani)

• "'Case Specific Mandates' versus 'Systemic Implications': How Should Investment Tribunals Decide? - The Freshfields Arbitration Lecture," 29(2) Arb. Int'l 131 (2013)

• "Investment and Human Rights Tribunals as Courts of Last Appeal in International Commercial Arbitration," in Liber Amicorum en l’honneur de Serge Lazareff 521 (L. Levy & Y. Derains eds., Pedone, 2011)

• "Reflections on economic development, national sovereignty and international arbitration," in Arbitraje Internacional - Tensiones Actuales xvii (F. Mantilla-Serrano ed., Legis, 2007)

• "The Question of Unilateral Governmental Statements as Applicable Law in Investment Disputes," 19 ICSID Rev. 328 (with M.H. Arsanjani)

• "Indirect Expropriation and its Valuation in the BIT Generation," 74 British Y.B. Int'l L. 2003, at 115 (2004)(with R.D. Sloane)

• "The Regime for Lacunae in the ICSID Choice of Law Provisions and the Question of Its Threshold," in Essays in Honor of Ibrahim F.I. Shihata, 15 ICSID Rev. 362 (2000)

• "Eritrea-Yemen Arbitration (Award, Phase II: Maritime Delimitation)," 94 Am. J. Int'l L. 721 (2000)

• "The Government of the State of Eritrea and the Government of the Republic of Yemen Award of the Arbitratl Tribunal in the First Stage of the Proceedings," 93 Am. J. Int'l L. 668 (1999)

• "Contextual Imperatives of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms—Some Hypotheses and Their Applications in the Uruguay Round and NAFTA," 29(3) J. World Trade 5 (June 1995)(with M. Wiedman)

• "Control Mechanisms in International Dispute Resolution," 2 U.S.-Mexico L.J. 129 (1994)

• "Repairing ICSID's Control Systems: Some Comments on Aron Broches' 'Observations on the Finality of ICSID Awards'," 7 ICSID Rev. 196 (1992)

• "The Breakdown of the Contol Mechanism in ICSID Arbitration," 1989 Duke L.J. 739

• "Facets of International Arbitration," 20 Syracuse L. Rev. 166 (1968), reprinted as "The Multifaceted Phenomenon of International Arbitration," 24 Arb. J. 69 (1969)

• "The Enforcement of International Judgments and Awards," 63 Am. J. Int'l L. 1 (1969)

• "The Role of the Economic Agencies in the Enforcement of International Judgments and Awards: A Functional Approach," 19 International Organization 929 (1965)
with France  
Visiting professor, University of Paris; former Member, ICC Institute of World Business Law; Former member, Institut de Droit International

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