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Click here to enlarge.   Muhieddine KAÏSSI IAI Correspondent   
Centre Libanais d’Arbitrage
Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Beyrouth
Boîte Postale 11
1801 Beirut
Tel: +961.1.745.289
Tel: +961.3.333.391
Fax: +961.1.644.459
Fax: +961.1.865.802

Languages   Arabic (native); French, English (fluent)
Nationality   Lebanon
Bar Admission   Beirut - 1973
Position   Secretary General - Lebanese Arbitration Centre
Education   Université d'Orléans, France (Doctorat d’Etat en droit - 1972)
Professor of Law - Université Libanaise (Litigation before Administrative Courts) and Université Arabe de Beyrouth (Business Law)
as Arbitrator  
Sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in domestic arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the Lebanese Arbitration Centre
as Counsel  
International arbitration proceedings under the Rules of the ICC and UNCITRAL (mostly construction matters)
Relating to  
• "The Arbitrator’s Means to Avoid Recourses and Unnecessary New Claims Delaying The Settlement of a Dispute," Rev. lib. arb. arabe & int. No. 56, at 71 (2011) (in Arabic)

• "Precautions of the arbitrator in order to avoid annulment of his arbitral award," paper presented at the 24 March 2008 training course for young lawyers and arbitrators at Kuwaiti lawyers association held in the city of Kuwait

• "Mediation and Conciliation – Alternative means in commercial disputes," paper presented at the 24-26 March 2008 International Conference about the Role of Arbitration in Promoting Investments organized by the Ministry of Justice of Kuwait in the city of Kuwait

• "Arbitration in State investment Contracts before ICSID," paper presented at the 20-22 January 2008 International Conference on International Arbitration held in Doha, Qatar

• "The possibility of arbitration in the administrative Contracts in Lebanon – in light of Law No 440 dated 29 July 2002," Review of Beirut Lawyers Order No. 1, at 34 (2007)

• "Means for the settlement of Spanish-Lebanese Commercial and Investment disputes," paper presented at the 13-14 November 2006 International Conference on the Protection and Promotion of Hispano-Arab Trade and Investment held in Madrid, Spain

• "The vital role of state courts in Arbitration," paper presented at the 19-21 November 2005 international conference held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

• "Arbitration and BOT contracts," paper presented at the November 2001 conference of the Arab Union for International Arbitration held in Tunis

• "The Lebanese experience in BOT contracts," paper presented at the September 2001 conference of the Cairo Regional Center for International Arbitration in Sharm El Sheikh

• "The administrative contracts and the possibility of internal and international arbitration," paper presented at the February 2000 conference of the Beirut Engineers Association

• "The arbitral award and the expert report: the legal qualification of the technique "Agreed upon Procedures," Leb. Rev. Arab & Int'l Arb. No. 10, at 56 (1999)

• "The State's capacity to compromise," paper presented at the May 1999 conference of the Arab Union for International Arbitration in Beirut

• "The exequatur of arbitral awards in commercial and administrative matters," paper presented at the March 1998 conference of the Tripoli Bar
with France  
Alternate member, ICC International Court of Arbitration

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