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Click here to enlarge.   Nael G. BUNNI IAI Member   
Bunni & Associates Ltd.
42 Thormanby Road
County Dublin
Tel: +353.1.839.1141
Fax: +353.1.839.1167

Essex Chambers
39 Essex Street
London WC2R 3AT
Tel: +44 (0)20 7832 1111
Languages   English (fluent); Arabic (native)
Nationality   Ireland
Bar Admission   N/A
Position   Chartered Engineer, Ireland (1971)
Chartered Engineer, UK (1973)
Registered Chartered Arbitrator, UK (1994)
Education   London University, Queen Mary College (PhD - 1964); Manchester University (MSc - 1962); Baghdad University (BSc - 1st Hon. - 1959)
Visiting Professor (Arbitration Law and Contract Administration) - Trinity College, Dublin
as Arbitrator  
Chair, sole arbitrator or member of the tribunal in numerous arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC, LCIA, CRCICA
• ICC Case No. 10623, Salini Costrutorri S.p.A and Italstrade SpA v. Federal Republic of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority, Award regarding the suspension of proceedings and jurisdiction, 7 Dec 2001 (full text ITA) (excerpts Kluwer)
Relating to  
• The FIDIC Forms of Contract - The Fourth Edition of the Red Book (Wiley Blackwell, 3rd ed. 2005)

Numerous articles and papers on arbitration, including:

• "Drafters Insights into the 2015 ICC Dispute Board Rules," 2016 (1) ICC Disp. Res. Bull. 43 (with P. Wolrich, P. Genton)

• "The Enforcement of Dispute Adjudication Board Decisions: Persero and the FIDIC Standard Form of Contract," Vol. 81(4) Arbitration, Nov. 2015 (with C. Ong, M. O'Reilly)

• "What has History taught us in ADR -Avoidance of Dispute," Vol.81(2) Arbitration, May 2015

• "Between a Hammer and an Anvil", in "Stories from the Hearing Room: Experience from Arbitral Practice: Essays in honour of M.E Schneider", (Kluwer Law International, 2015)

• "Ireland," in Interim Measures in International Arbitration (L.W. Newman and C. Ong eds., Juris, 2014) (with M. Collins, B. Mansfield and D. Lehane)

• "Personal Views on How Arbitral Tribunals Operate and Reach Their Decisions", 42 ASA Special Series: How Arbitral Tribunals Operate, Conference Proceedings, (JurisNet 2014)

• "Setting Aside an Arbitral Award for Misconduct of the Arbitrator - A Comment on Galway City Council v. Samuel Kingston Contruction Ltd and Geoffrey F Hawker," in Essays in Honour of Hans Van Houtte 75 (P. Wautelet, T. Kruger & G. Coppens eds., Hart Publishing, 2012)

• "Arbitration," in Doing Business in Ireland Vol.111, No.22 (LexisNexis, 2011) (with L.B. Bunni) at 19-1 to 19-32

• "Interim Measures in International Commercial Arbitration - A commentary on the Report by Luis Enrique Graham", in ICCA Congress Series No.14(Kluwer Law International, 2009, 583)

• "Final Report on Construction Industry Arbitrations," 18(4) Int'l Const. L. Rev. 641 (2001)(with Judge H. Lloyd); also published in 12(2) ICC Bull. 8 (2001)

• "Ireland," in ICCA International Handbook of Commercial Arbitration (Kluwer, 2001)

• "Notes and Current Developments - Recent Developments in Construction Disputology," 17(4) J. Int’l Arb. 105 (2000)

• "Construction Disputes on the Eve of the New Millenium," 65 Arbitration (No. 4, 1999)

• "Ireland's Arbitration (International Commercial) Act 1998," 1999 Rev. dr. aff. int. / Int'l Bus. L.J. 482

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