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Click here to enlarge.   Paolo Michele PATOCCHI IAI Member   
Patocchi & Marzolini
Rue Pedro-Meylan 5
CH-1208 Geneva
Tel: +41.22.718.33.10
Fax: +41.22.718.33.11

Languages   Italian (native); English, French, German (fluent); Portuguese, Spanish (good working knowledge); Swedish, Dutch (working knowledge)
Nationality   Switzerland
Bar Admission   Geneva - 1985
Zurich - 1992
Education   University of London, King's College (LLM - 1987); University of Geneva (Doctorat en droit (magna cum laude) - 1983); The Hague Academy of International Law (Diploma - 1982); University of Geneva (Licence en droit - 1977; DES (magna cum laude) - 1980)
as Arbitrator  
Chair, Sole arbitrator, or member of the tribunal in numerous international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the aegis of the ICC, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of National and International Arbitration of Milan, the Zurich Chamber of Commerce (ZHK), the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIG) and under the New Swiss Rules of Arbitration; Member, ICSID Panel of arbitrators (appointed by Switzerland)
as Counsel  
Numerous domestic and international arbitration proceedings, ad hoc (including UNCITRAL) and under the Rules of the ICC, CCIG, and ZHK (joint ventures and industrial cooperation, agency and distribution, licensing, technology, energy, privatisations, State contracts and construction matters)
• UNCITRAL Case, Forminster Enterprises Limited (Cyprus) v. Czech Republic, Final Award, 15 Dec. 2014 (full text ITA)

• ICSID Case No. ARB(AF)/06/1, Sistem Mühendislik Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Award, 9 Sep 2009 (full text ITA)

• CCIG Case No. 151, Award of 24 Nov 1999 (excerpts Kluwer)
Relating to  
• Co-editor, The Swiss International Sports Arbitration Reports (SISAR)(Juris, 2012) (with M. Scherrer)

• Co-editor, The Swiss International Arbitration Law Reports 2007-2009

• "L'usage des langues dans l'arbitrage," 2016(3) Rev. arb. 749 (with P. Tercier and J.F. Tossens)

• "UNCITRAL Schiedsgerichtsordnung," in Institutionelle Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit — Kommentar 713 (R.A. Schütze ed., 2d ed. 2010) (with T. Niedermaier)

• "La deroga convenzionale della giurisdizione in favore dell’arbitrato," in Commentario breve al diritto dell’arbitrato nazionale ed internazionale 619 (M.V. Benedettelli, C. Consolo, L. Radicati di Brozolo eds., CEDAM, 2010) (with C. Piscioneri Di Meglio)

• "L’administration de la preuve dans l’arbitrage international, à la lumière du débat sur le monisme et le dualisme de la législation en matière d’arbitrage," in Arbitrage interne et international, Actes du colloque de Lausanne du 2 octobre 2009, at 53 (A. Bonomi & D. Bochatay eds., Droz, 2010)

• "Deciding on the Costs of the Arbitration — Selected Topics," in The Resolution of the Dispute — from the Hearing to the Award, ASA Special Series No. 29 (2007)

• "Switzerland," in The Practitioner’s Handbook on International Arbitration and Mediation 861 (R. von Thulen Rhoades, D.M. Kolkey & R. Chernick eds., Juris Publishing, 2d ed. 2007)

• "Art 192 of the Swiss Federal Private International Law Act, 1987," in Basler Kommentar — Internationales Pivatrecht (IPRG) 1782 (H. Honsell, N.P. Vogt, A.K. Schnyder & S.V. Berti eds., 2d ed., 2007) (with C. Jermini)

• "The Provisional Timetable in International Arbitration," in Global Reflections on International Law, Commerce and Dispute Resolution - Liber Amicorum in honour of Robert Briner 575 (G. Aksen, K.H. Böckstiegel, M.J. Mustill, A.M. Whitesell and P.M. Patocchi eds., 2005)(with H. Frey-Brentano)

• "Art. 194 of the Swiss Federal Private International Law Act, 1987," in International Arbitration in Switzerland 625 (S.V. Berti, H. Honsell, N.P. Vogt & A.K. Schnyder eds., 2000) (with C. Jermini)

• "Art. 192 of the Swiss Federal Private International Law Act, 1987," in International Arbitration in Switzerland 597 S.V. Berti, H. Honsell, N.P. Vogt & A.K. Schnyder eds., 2000) (with C. Jermini)

• "Demandes et exceptions de nature délictuelle dans l'arbitrage international : arbitrabilité, compétence arbitrale et détermination de la loi applicable selon le droit suisse et la pratique internationale - Quelques observations," in Responsabilité civile et assurance - Etudes en l'honneur de Baptiste Rusconi 237 (J. Bénédict, P. Marville, F. Roux, R. Schlosser, P.-D. Schupp eds., 2000)

• "Les Principes UNIDROIT relatifs aux contrats du commerce international - Une introduction," 1998 Semaine Judiciaire 569 (with X. Favre-Bulle)

• "Arbitrato irrituale: How Should It Be Handled in a Non-Italian Jurisdiction? A Discussion from a Swiss Perspective," 1998(2) Arb. Disp. Res. L.J. 132 (with G. Schiavello)

• "Drafting an Effective Arbitration Clause," 1998(3) European Counsel 17 (co-author)

• "Choosing Arbitration Rules," 1998(7) European Counsel 37

• "Del significato e degli effetti di clausole d'"arbitrato irrituale estero"," in Il Ticino e il diritto 535 (C.L. Caimi, F. Cometta, G. Corti eds., 1997)

• "The New York Convention - The Swiss Practice," in The New York Convention of 1958, ASA Special Series No. 9, at 145 (1996)

• "Il nuovo regolamento d'arbitrato di Lugano: prime osservazioni," in Liber Amicorum Gerardo Broggini 381 (1996)

• "Il nuovo regolamento d'arbitrato di Lugano e il Ticino quale piazza arbitrale internazionale," 1996 Bolletino dell'Ordine degli Avvocati 381

• "Procedure and the Taking of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration. The Interaction of Civil Law and Common Law Procedures," 1996(7) Int'l Bus. L.J. 884 (with I. Meakin)

• "Characteristic Performance: A New Myth in the Conflict of Laws? Some Comments on a Recent Concept in the Swiss and European Private International Law of Contract," in Mélanges Pierre Lalive 113 (1993)

• "L'arbitrato e il fallimento internazionale," in Il nuovo diritto internazionale privato in Svizzera 321 (G. Broggini ed., 1990)(with P. Lalive)

• "The New Swiss Law on International Arbitration," 1989 Arbitration 268 (with M.E. Schneider)

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